Thread: Looking for programmers in the LA area to write an RPG demo!!

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    Exclamation Looking for programmers in the LA area to write an RPG demo!!

    Hello, my name is Al Gonzalez.

    I am a fledgling game designer with no knowledge of how to program. Me and a friend have been working on a new RPG in paper and pencil for about two years now. I do the artwork and graphic design, and he does music.

    The concepts and look of the game have already been ironed out. Even the battle system has been worked out in paper and pencil.

    We would perfer students who are talented in programming and can utilize Direct X and polygonal graphics, who are willing to work for free, and want a very nice project for thier portfolio.

    Credit will be given where credit is due, and if we submit the demo to a company and they like it, we will try to bring as many of the people who worked on the demo as we can with us to start a game company (possibly).

    If you are interested, please e-mail
    about the project.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I recomed going to and asking there.
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