Thread: Stencil Buffer Tutorial Port.. test me! (linux)

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    Stencil Buffer Tutorial Port.. test me! (linux)

    Hi, all. I decided to venture into the wonderful world of stencil buffered shadows in OpenGL. So, naturally, i point my web browser at NeHe's site to check out the shadow casting tutorial (Lesson27). Sure enough, the linux port has makefile errors, so i fix those just to find missing include statements in the src. So i fixed that too and compiled the tutorial. The demo starts up and .... the objects are there, the room is there, but there are NO shadows being cast

    long story short: i grabbed the original tutorial (VC++) and created my own linux port. By doing this i also found many .... interesting ... refactorings made by whoever did the original linux port.

    Anyway, id appreciate it you guys could test this and make sure it runs ok. The original tutorial (along with key commands) can be found here

    edit: came back to grumble about how ".tgz" and ".tar.gz" arnt valid file extensions for cboard attachments. *grumbles off*

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    it works nicely for me. The shadow look realistic also. Although I had these two makefile warnings
    make: Warning: File `Makefile' has modification time 5.4e+04 s in the future
    make: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
    But good work. Does it not work on your computer(laptop) or something?
    [edit]for your moving light source. Opengl Red book puts it in a push/pop matrix. Your way works though. I like your matri math in your code. Very eduucated. For a keyboard function, I add a usleep(100) at the beginning of it. I saw it in one of the NeHe tutorials. It said so it doesn't overload the function.[/edit]
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    thanks for the reply linuxdude. All that code is from the original NeHe tutorial except for the GLUT code and a few oddities here and there that i had to fix to get it running on linux. But im gonna let your compliments go to my head anyway hehe. It runs fine on my laptop, i just wanted to make sure it worked for others as im submitting it to NeHe.

    that makefile warning is kind of funny, you must live west of where i am

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    no warnings for me

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