Thread: How I would load in a level

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    How I would load in a level

    Anyone know of any tutorials that give techniques of doing this?

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    here's one example. it all depends on how you want to store the level data

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    That's a very broad question.

    For instance in my voxel system here is my load sequence:

    Terrain world map(s)
    Terrain map(s)
    Dither maps(s)
    Detail Texture(s)
    Color Map(s)
    ---------------------------> all of above have been completed
    3D Object Info
    3D Objects

    Sprites, sounds, and menu graphics are loaded on startup of need to load into level.

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    lol yes, it is a rather broad question...

    What do you plan to load in? What dimmension (2-d or 3-d)? How are you storing it etc?

    I would go with reading in from a text file, but I'm not sure of what you are asking.
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    I wanted to load in from a text file and it would be 3d. I'm just trying to think of a way to store it but i could probably find the number of vertices, etc by using the for loop, i think... I'm not too clear about the way memory works...
    Thanks for the help everyone

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    I'd suggest looking over at NeHe's tutorial #25
    That covers loading 3D models (albeit points) from text files. I believe modeling programs like MilkShape3D can also export to text files.
    yah, MilkShape can export to text files.

    However, by the sounds of it, I'd suggest before you try to jump in to 3D that you master a bit more of basic C/C++ or at least an API. Without an api you're going to have a tough time displaying the 3d level (if that's your goal).

    If you need any help on file loading, there's tons of stuff in the faq here at cprogramming
    and you can also do board searches for file reading stuff.

    Good luck, hope that helped somewhat

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