Thread: Need Game ideas.

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    Need Game ideas.

    I am relativly new to c++. I am in the process of learning to use arrays and pointers. I have a list going of games that I would like to make. I feel like the list is a bit short. Can someone help me out with game ideas. Here is my list:

    1. guessing game (complete)
    2. Poker (complete)
    3. Yahtzee (working on it)
    4. Rummy (haven't started)
    5. RPG (working on it)
    6. BattleWarfare (working on it)
    7. Who wants to be a C++ Master (millionair spin off, working on it)

    I need ideas for simple games like poker or yahtzee. But names of simple games escape me. Anyone know of any simple games I can make?
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    maybe blackjack...

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    multiplayer (internet) poker

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    are you just talking about ASCII console games?
    what about a maze game.
    Bubba posted a link to a great maze generating algorithm a few days ago.


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    Well lets see just look in the store for games and you can come up with a lot of them. chess,Checkers, Monopoly, word games like scrabble, crosswords, word scramble, trivia game, concentration,tic tac toe, craps,card games like hearts, spades, Trading card games, Text based rpg, puzzle games where you have to move blocks or pegs, typing invaders where you have to type words before they hit the ground, math games, word find where you have words hidden in a square and have to circle them, simulations like stock market game or drag race where you build a car with different configurations (ie wheel size, horsepower, weight, etc) and race them. (run the simulation), play around with sound and do simon says game with different tones, thats about all i can think of at the moment.
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    You're working on BattleWarfare, an RPG, and Yahtzee all at the same time? You should try one thing at a time. I think somebody's getting restless. You should slow down a bit.

    And yes, Bubba's maze post would be quite good for you.
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    Mastermind, a version that will solve the puzzles

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    Can ASCII pong be done?
    How about Solitaire or text-command-based Speed vs comp (card 1 to pile 1, card 4 to pile 2, draw card... lol)? That would be fun to play.
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    First of all done all your projects!

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    How about a very simple text-based racing game? the AI would not be hard at all, would it? And you could use ASCII chars 249 or 219 for the cars.

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