Thread: My first game....Pong!

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    My first game....Pong!

    I am wanting to make pong. I have been dabbling in c++ for a few years and know how most functions work but I am not too advanced with programming. My next question should sum up my C++ knowledge.....WHere do I start?

    Are their any links that will help me out? Where do I start? What do I need to know to make Pong? I would really like to know and understand what I am doing rather than copy/paste things and figure it out. I have read all over the net that I will need to get to know API, GUI and other things. Im stuck....where do I go? Any information will greatly help. Thnx.
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    >> Are their any links that will help me out?

    There is a sticky at the top of this board with many usefull links.

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    pong in a nutshell.
    make ability to move padle(the computer padle is probably going to be the hardest part to program)
    detect hit from either of the padles
    if a hit, bounce ball back other way
    detect if ball's x is <=,>= the size you set for the score zone :)
    if true than score a point for whichever side scored;
    check if total points is == to a game win
    gameover play agian?
    All you need is a graphics lib to load your images and set a timer routine for you. I would check out allegro. I will be nice and give you a link.

    Here's a pretty good beginners tutorial on allegro Tutorial Link

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