Thread: LFB extraction failure under XP

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    LFB extraction failure under XP

    Anyone else have trouble retrieving a pointer to the LFB from 32-bit DJGPP?

    It used to work and now it doesn't.

    I know its possible under XP.

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    Probably another restriction imposed on the dos virtual machine...yet another good reason to delete all that tiresome old dos software and pretend it never existed

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    *enters wearing a dark hooded robe that says "DOS r0x0rz" on the back*

    *flames Fordy*

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    Actually, Fordy, it was because I was using the near-pointer hack to get the LFB. I was trying to access the linear frame buffer as if it were in my address space...which 98SE allowed, but XP and NT do not appreciate.

    So in order to do this in XP I must use _farnspokeb(), _movedatal() etc. Of course if I did some digging around in assembly I might be able to alter that somewhat....but I'm too lazy.

    But yeah, DOS just doesn't cut it anymore.

    I just wanted to refresh my asm skills and the only place I can do that is in DOS using NASM and DJGPP. I really don't need asm in Direct3D....yet, and I stress yet.

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