Thread: It seems that all use c++ for game programming

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    I started programming period in C++, but recently ive seen myself lean more towards using pure C. I dont know why.... things like printf over cout.... maybe I sould lear more about C++ then it wouldnt be so scary...

    But to stick to topic. If your wanting to make a game you can definately use pure C.. It just depends on your taste and comfort with each :dialect: as it were..

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    i suggested this be added to the FAQ on the last thread like this and no one seconded me
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    Well I will second you now then

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    >Although I should point out that the original name for C++ was actually "C with classes"
    Two decades ago. Both C and C++ have evolved just a smidge since then. They are two different languages that happen to have the same ancestor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP
    i suggested this be added to the FAQ on the last thread like this and no one seconded me
    If you (or someone) wants to write something up, stick it in a PM to me, and I'll add it to the FAQ
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    Maybe he means the FAQ Board. There is still one, right?
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    Add it but it is clear based on questions being asked here that most do not read the FAQ board. It will be just one more FAQ that goes unread.

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