Thread: I need help on file size.

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    I need help on file size.

    Hello I have a problem I just made a hang man game in for dos using c++ yet when i sent it to a friend and it was about 500kb in size and I think that its quite excessive for a game that only has 150 lines of code so plz some one tell me the reason for this. And ill attack the source code if that would help.

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    Explore some of the settings that are available for your compiler. Typically if you change modes, i.e from debug to release, the output binary is smaller. I've worked on a project with over 100K lines, and the total binary output didn't cap 5MB, so your are correct that proportionally your output is quite large.

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    I'll bet even money your compiler is including debugging symbols in the code

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    Mmm, compiles to 17K in "release" mode when compiled for Linux using gcc.
    Gotta be a debug build...
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