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    However the track records for these types of products is simply not a good one. Why didn't DVD's technology take off on the computer and replace the CD-ROM???
    because of the (percieved) cost. People just dont like price margins on things, when a DVD takes .50 USD to make, but is sold for 17-22 dollars. Writable DVD media still costs ALOT of money compared to CD-ROM technology, which the common user is very hard pressed to fill up 1 CD with what they want(unless this user is a digital film buff, and comes home with 2-3GB of film every other day).

    As to this technology, I agree with skorman it would rock in an RTS; however, I dont see much use for it until it greatly matures.
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    I don't really see how it would help out any RTS games. I love RTS games and play them all the time, and I think the current controls are perfect for them. I don't have any problems with the mouse/keyboard combination.

    Rather I think the glove would be better suite for sim games like flight sim or even a 3rd person action adventure game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    Which is why this stuff wont last. It requires special software or drivers. Now if its compatible with DX then that will be overcome.
    It does work with DirectInput, as do all joysticks. To take full advantage of it you would have to set up your code to use the functions they give you to handle all of it, but most of it is during set up. The entire library to work with it contains 21 functions so it's not a huge hassle.

    Although you're probably right, not because it's difficult to develop for, but because developers won't be assured that enough players have the glove to make implimenting it worth while. Kinda like using peripherals with the USB ports and the Network Adapter with the PS2. Granted, it's getting better for the PS2, but that's a different discussion all together.

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