Thread: here it is again on my rpg

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    here it is again on my rpg

    yeah, i know. im probably annoying at this point. i dont make many posts here, but thats because i dont usually have anything to add or too many questions.
    this rpg is still text-based...and yes, im trying to learn some graphics stuff, but its kinda complicated. ive actually managed to get allgero set up but cant find too many tutorials for it.
    anyways, back to the main subject. i just finished a new version of the "expansion"/add-on/part2 or whatever you want to call it of my other RPG. it uses the same engine still so dont expect too much in the way of fancy-ness (is that a word?).
    let me know what you think please.
    and click on the link under "Latest Version" which is under the "TWC Expansion" heading.

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    howbout you just make a windows game with graphics
    but still your game is good...I can never get into any shops or anything...I'm always encountered with a cruel one

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    anyone by chance still have a copy of this game?

    hello everyone -- does anyone still have a copy of this game, by any chance? i've lost mine, and geocities dissolved so they deleted the uploaded version. let me know! thanks!


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