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    Independent Games Festival

    Just thought I would show you guys the website. They are now accepting submissions for the 2005 competition to be held next year.

    They also have a student showcase which is free, and available for all college and high school students.

    I would submit my current RTS project once I get it under working order, but since I am going on my church mission soon (if you dont know about that...go to the gen. disc. board and go back a few weeks), and I will be gone for 2 years starting in August, I simply don't have the time.

    However, when I get back in 2 years, I plan on starting a Game Development Club at my university, and organizing a small team to develop a game we can submit to the competition. I think it would be fun.
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    I would enter my game in....except it isn't done. In fact, I just broke the terrain code trying to implement something new. Arghhhh!!!

    And 'game' is not quite the stage my project has reached. More like 'tech demo' or 'Bubba can't finish anything cuz he always wants to implement some new algo...demo' .

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