Thread: Weird mouse problem in XP

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    Weird mouse problem in XP

    I just installed XP on my system and gave 'ol 98 the heave ho.

    XP is far better and manages memory a lot differently and my games have actually sped up. I'm actually getting over 300 some frames with my terrain code now which is.....breathtaking.

    However, there is one problem. The mouse is not working correctly. As you move the mouse it hesitates and then moves the correct distance. It did not do this on 98 so I'm not sure what is going on.

    All I'm doing is calling update in my game loop and then pitching and rotating the camera based on the mouse coords, relative coords in this case.

    Buffered input does not seem like an option since I need to know the mousedata instantly in order to respond to the user. However I'm getting this weird behavior.

    I'm working on an InstallShield program for my engine so that you guys can test this thing out and not have to worry about it installing correctly.

    InstallShield is very cool.

    EDIT: By the way the keyboard does not hesitate at all...which is confusing me.

    Shakti, have you experienced this problem with my mouse code yet?? If not, I need to look at the code I sent you to see if perhaps I 'altered' something in my copy accidentally.

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    Copy that Bubba. I have unfortunately not implemented the mouse in my game yet (I have started my summerwork and then its european championships in football lol).

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    Post some code.

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    wow i never thought someone would be telling Bubba to post code
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    Why is that exactly? You don't enjoy reading that person's code or something?

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    I figured it out.

    The frame rate was too high. At frame rates at/over 200 fps the mouse does not work correctly. I'm not sure why this happens.

    Posting code in this case would not help.

    I'm just calling Update() which fills the DIMOUSESTATE structure with the current relative mouse data.

    From that I'm rotating and pitching the camera by DIMOUSESTATE.lx and
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