Thread: Shot of some detail textures in engine

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    I thought phong shading was something that typically required the GPU to be specifically programmed so it could be applied per pixel...I guess I don't know what it is then.

    Also I'm looking at some docs concerning real-time volumetric fog - might use this for the clouds...but major framerate hit for this.
    Yeah, that would look really nice, but, it probably would not be worth it. Built in fog should work fine, plus that helps cut parts of the scene away

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    Wow! Very nice!

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    @ vNv, you are right, Phong Shading requires per pixel lighting calculations. Phong Lighting doesnt. (Phong Shading is essentially Phong Lighting applied at each pixel with normals interpolated across the face of the poly, commen in ray tracing)

    @Bubba, There are plenty of free modeling programs. Maya has a free Personal Learning edition, and MilkShape3D has a trial thing. That might not help you with the "artistic talent" part but your not totally SOL

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    I would suggest GMax. It's like a super trial of 3DStudio Max.
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    I use Wings 3D. It's not really much more than a mesh editor, but it's simple and easy.

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