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    summer work

    Well now that finals are done and summer break is here, I am planning on finally dedicating my time to programming up my one engine that I never really got off of the basic math library level. I am planning on including the following:

    1) BSP engine/renderer
    2) realistic physics

    as a beginning and something that I can probably get done before the summer ends(I am really aiming for some serious physics).

    Now, here is the reason I am posting this : I am unfortunately out of luck when it comes to getting onto the internet whenever I want, meaning that I sometimes will have to wait 2-3 days to get onto the internet(whenever I go into town, which is difficult cause I do not have a vehicle of my own of any sort) and I would like it if people could provide reference sources that they have found to be good in the above two topics, as well as some which they have heard were good,etc.(as I know there are alot of sources, but as everyone knows, not all of those sources are neccesarily accurate).

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    My resources:

    -that nathan ostgard BSP collision tutorial
    -frank puig's collision tutorials
    -gametutorial's bsp tutorials (including those that are in the code dump and not on the main site)
    -quake1/2 engine (somewhat, hard to follow though)

    -for physics, I've read up at gamasutra for the latest hitman game's physics, and I have purchased physics for game developers for all around math help

    various books that I have (I have a lot of friggin books), and I've used all of these at least SOMEWHAT

    x/10 is how much I've used it so far (relatively)
    -OpenGL Game Programming (read this whole thing,10/10)
    -Mathematics for 3d game programming and computer graphics (6/10, hard to follow)
    -OpenGL Super Bible (3/10, dont like it)
    -physics for game developers (9/10, fav book)
    -tricks of the 3D game programming gurus (1/10, unfortunately it deals mostly with software rendering, but I bought it for the maths which I now understand completely)

    EDIT: to download the newton physics engine
    research verlet integration and impulse based physics on the internet and especially at, that is IF you want to get into vary hard physics. You don't need physics that hard for a simple game.
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    that is IF you want to get into vary hard physics.
    definately do, as I am actually planning on simulating real life as close to possible eventually(not visually, but physically) for the heck of it.

    btw : is Shadow12345 == Silvercord ?

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    yes im silvercord

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