Thread: Game programming ........ Where is good place to start?

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    Game programming ........ Where is good place to start?

    I originally posted this in the General Forum my mistake.

    I use to love programming on my old Commodore Vic-20/64/128. I even did some assembly programming on those old jewels

    I've been an avid computer gamer since I can remember. The wife tends to dislike that fact on occasion I'm really considering the possibility of learning to game program - I know, I know...everyone does. I know the game programming field is pretty tight (from what I understand). But, nevertheless, I would like to learn it - even if its just a hobby.

    I am currently transferring to the UNT (University of North Texas) to get my BS in CS. They have several game programming classes I can take for my upper level requirements.

    Other than taking the classes at the university, where would be a good place to start. I took an Intro to C++ course a couple years back. I figure I'll have to go review that and get an intermediate book before I even start to think about programming in DirectX, etc. Right?

    Any suggestions for a newb wannabe would be much appreciated.


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    Check out gamedev especially under Articles and Resources. Lots to read in that site!

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    Heh, well you don't necessarily have to get an intermediate book, but it's probably a good idea.

    You should do a board search if you haven't already--I'm sure there's been posts like this before you could read too.
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    Buy books, books, and more books. Then when you have more money....get some more books.

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    Bloodshed's DEV and Directx8.1

    If you've done a little C++programming go here. it's a good tutorial. for game building using DEV C++ and DirectX 8.1:
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