Thread: How can i change or make my own terrain

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    How can i change or make my own terrain

    I dont know how i can change or make my own terrain in this game (it's the game of OpenGL Game Programming)

    OS: Win XP
    Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    Libraries: DirectX & OpenGL

    the source code:
    (note: i only have 5MB bandwith a day)

    Any help is welcome

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    Here is a sample terrain map that I used in my engine.

    Load this as a raw file - but you will have to smooth it in a paint program or something. The JPG format causes a lot of loss and the BMP was too large to attach.

    Load as a RAW file with no header. The size is 480x480 - to get along with this board's limit of 640x480.

    bool Terrain::readRawFile(std::string fileName)
      // A height for each vertex
      std::vector<BYTE> in( _numVertices );
      std::ifstream inFile(fileName.c_str(), std::ios_base::binary);
      if( inFile == 0 )
        return false;
      // copy BYTE vector to int vector
      _heightmap.resize( _numVertices );
      for(int i = 0; i < in.size(); i++)
      _heightmap[i] = in[i];
    return true;
    That will load the raw file. NumVertices is the number of vertices in your terrain (hence if you use a 256x256 heightmap it will be 256*256)

    The first jpg is height data - convert it to raw format and save.
    The second jpg is the color or texture data. Simply compute the necessary u and v coords per vertex and set this as the texture.

    The u and v increments will be 1/(sizex) and 1/(sizey).

    Several terrain generation programs:

    or simply use a paint program and convert image to greyscale. White is highest, black is lowest - paint your terrain...smooth a couple of times and wallah...terrain.
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