Thread: it never works...

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    Angry it never works...

    No matter any tutorials or documents i try, the code to move into mode 13h NEVER works.

    I use Bloodshed Dev C++(i didnt like the ide in DJGPP and my compiles never worked )

    I would realy appreciat a link to some tested and working code for C++ to move into that mode, and even to plot down a pixel. Any help is very much appreciated!

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    Unhappy never mind the links

    Sorry that didnt help a bit.

    please if you could jsut plop some code that YOU know for a fact works. So i can get the errors and see why i cant do graphics.

    I've tried all sorts of code and nothing ever seems to work in all sorts of compilers(DJGPP, Dev C++, msvc++)

    If you could list the code, and the compiler you compiled it in.
    IT would be very help fll to see why i get errors and you guys dont. Thanks!

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    you cannot do mode 13h graphics with a windows compiler such as dev-c or visual c. You need a dos compiler like djgpp.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    i believe msvc and dev-c are both windows, yes... (i've tried dev-c, because i liked the editor... but it does not allow for interrupts, so i couldn't use it...) i have no exp. with msvc...

    oh, and i do recommend DJGPP if you're looking for 13h-ing... and you need easy memory access... (for ex, if you're making a videogame... no need to be fuddling around with memory modules...) i suppose you'd have to get more comfortable with programming and using the compiler before you port all your stuff... but have a go at it. i must say that DJGPP is the most well supported compiler i've ever found... and it's also free! it also has Allegro, a game programming library... good luck!

    PS i use the editor from BC45, so i don't know how to advice you on an editor or IDE of your own...

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    Talking ok gotcha but..

    Hey so now i know you NEED a DOS compiler so that isnt a problem anymore. The only thing i didn tlike about rhide ide was the compiler built in didnt work. oh well!

    thx alot for ther help!

    Im into OpenGL programming now though!

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