Thread: Best way to draw several quads?

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    Best way to draw several quads?

    In my engine I need to enhance my terrain a bit. I want to add grass and trees here and there but every method I've come up with requires several calls to DrawIndexedPrimitive.

    Basically my plan is to have a triangle list of quads. Then when one quad has been drawn I translate the next one in the list by _positions[i].x,_positions[i].y,_positions[i].z. Of course I'm getting the height from my terrain so the grass is sitting on the terrain...but thats about it.

    I know DX does not like a lot of calls to DrawPrimitive. How can I do this with one call? Problem is each quad needs to be translated/rotated in the world.

    I think I've gotten past the Direct3D level that most web sites cater to as information on the stuff I want to do does not seem readily available.

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    In OpenGL you can pre-compile a call list of gl commands. Then you can just translate and rotate around calling the pre-compiled list. Maybe DX has some type of equivalent functionality you can use?

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