Thread: Do I need Classes ?

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    Do I need Classes ?

    some please help a newbie. I know that you all know exactly what you are doing and can code like crazy.

    I on the other hand....

    Do I need classes to say break a program up into smaller parts ?

    Lets say a program has 8 functions. Can I make 8 header files including those functions without classes or are classes needed to make that kind of thing work ?

    Thank you and people who are angry at the world need not answer.

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    Classes are only a programming concept, it's in no way required. It makes many things easier, and can bring a more logical structure to your program.

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    Classes can be useful when used properly. However, when abused, they can bloat and ruin your code. Experience will tell you when classes are needed.

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    Contact me via PM and I have a project you might be interested in that will certainly help you.

    I really want to help but on the board it is a bit you must do some personal study either through books or research on the internet.

    Just PM me about this post and I'll present my idea to you to see if you are interested.

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