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    Beta Arena Extreme RPG

    I downloaded the source code to a RPG game called Arena Evolution but it was incomplete and only had a few enemies. I read the license agreements which stated the source code could be used in my programs, compiled, and redistributed freely. So I decided to make a mod. This is a small console based RPG and I've only added/changed a few things, but I need your input on if the bad guys are hard enough/too hard, and maybe some other features to add. Please read the README.txt to see what I've added so far.

    Anyway, I need someone to beta test this a bit for me and give me feedback on what should be added/removed and how good the enemies should be/are. Thanks very much.

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    i found one bug...
    i went to cast a spell but realized i didn't have enough MP
    so i went to press 0 but pressed '-' instead
    i got caught in a loop. u might need to reset the input variable to 0 or something.
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