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    Texture Format Conversion


    I have a LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8 in the format D3DFMT_YUY2.
    When i display it to screen on a quad the colors are all screwed up.

    Is there anyway to convert this to an RGB Texture to display it correctly?

    Any help appreciated

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    Yes there is least with DirectX9.

    Fire up the DirectX texture tool (DirectX SDK->Utilities->DirectX Texture Tool) and load your bitmap into it.

    Then go to format and select Change Surface Format. Select the format you want - probably A8R8G8B8 and then save it as a DDS. From your code now you get to the file like this:

    D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice,LPCSTR pFile,LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 *ppTexture);

    Simply pass your dds file in the pFile parameter and you are done.

    The DDX file functions can readily load DDS files at no extra code cost to you.

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    Thanks for the reply..

    The problem is, i'm getting the texture from within a running program while i'm decoding a video file.

    I'm decoding the video then displaying the texture on a quad.
    The video/sound from the file play fine, just wrong colours!

    I have searched around for YUV 2 RGB Conversion information and found a few results, but i can't seem to get it right.
    The video texture comes out with too much Green or too much Blue.

    Thanks again.

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