Thread: Help with Char Arrays in my game

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    Question Help with Char Arrays in my game

        int enemyNumber = 1;
        char enemy[] = "Dragon";
        int enemyHealth = 500;
        int enemyMagic = 0;
        int enemyAttackMin = 50;
        int enemyAttackMax = 60;
        char enemySpell[];
        int costOfSpell = 1;
        int enemyMagicMin;
        int enemyMagicMax;
    This is the initial enemy, Dragon. Once defeated, I change the enemy to Mad Golfer. Note that Dragon cannot use spells, hence his lack of a spell name. Here is the "changing code":

              enemyNumber = 2;
              char enemy[] = "Mad Golfer";
              enemyHealth = 300;
              enemyMagic = 14;
              enemyAttackMin = 5;
              enemyAttackMax = 20;
              char enemySpell[] = " throws his club at you!";
              costOfSpell = 1;
              enemyMagicMin = 70;
              enemyMagicMax = 100;
    The thing is, the interger values adjust while the strings stay the same. I can't get them to change! The program displays Dragon as the name of the enemy instead of Mad Golfer. What am I doing wrong?
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    well for one thing, you are redeclaring your strings when you change them, that in itself is bad, and I don't see how it even compiles.

    In your change code, take out the "char" prefixes. See if that helps.

    Also, you dont need [] (brackets) when you redefine the string, just type:

    varName = "string";
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    how about sticking that in a class too.
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    I'm afraid I've tried that already. I get a compiling error--the array sizes are missing.

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    if you want to use "strings" that way, look into the string class (#include <string>) rather than c-strings. you cant arbitrarily change the size that way

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    Also, you dont need [] (brackets) when you redefine the string, just type:

    varName = "string";
    I fail to see how that would work, considering the fact that varName is a fixed-length character array. The only reliable way to 'assign' strings to character arrays (i.e. c-strings) is to use strcpy(). A much better alternative, as Perspective suggested, is to use the std::string class, which CAN be assigned with the = operator and resized at will.
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    Thank you so much for the help! I'll look into it. I found another way around it since the enemies in my game would be too generic with the same pattern of behaviors. I will look at the string class and keep that in mind.

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