Thread: tank track vertex shader

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    tank track vertex shader

    hey all,

    Has anyone had any success procedurally animating tank tracks with a vertex shader?

    The animator i'm working with is another hobbyist - he dosn't normally do much animation (more involved in modelling/skinning) and he tells me that tank tracks are not the easiest thing to animate in 3d design packages. I want to help him out if I can.

    I thought maybe i could try to use an equation for an ellipse and try to doctor it somehow to make it a bit more boxy, but i can't really see how to make it a 'boxy' ellipse without the shader really slowing down.

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    Use a stencil buffer. You can overlay images on top of the ground texture. However stencil buffers are very expensive and if the z depth is not done correctly your tank tracks will flicker on and off with the ground texture.

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    i wouldn't use stencil buffer for this unless there was no better method. you can do texture animations so that it looks like the treads are moving when the tank is moving.

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    Why not just use decals? That seems like it'd work pretty good. Whenever you draw the decals just turn off depth testing so it'll always render over the ground.
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    Thanks guys. I'll give all 3 a go and maybe come back with demos for them (assuming i can get them working properly). People can compare and contrast then.

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