Thread: Throttle & Stick Configuring

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    Throttle & Stick Configuring

    Hi There. I'm new to this board and I'm not a programmer so I may not ask this correctly. I just purchased a CH Products Pro throttle and the control manager software does not allow any devices to be set up that are not by their manufacture. I want to rewrite the device driver files to include my joystick. It's not a matter of not wanting to spend the $120 on their joystick but more of a comfort thing with me. I like my Saitek USB Cyborg Gold joystick and want to use them together. I need help rewriting the driver files or someone that would be willing to do it for me. I can provide you with the code you need. I want to use the CH control manager software to be able to load my joystick or if someone has some software that would work like the CH Products control manager software I would buy it.

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    Impossible w/o knowing how to interface with the hardware. Hence that driver is what you need. Re-writing it would require quite a bit of knowledge about the device in question. Not impossible but this information is likely not going to be available on the internet nor is it going to be sent to just anyone by the company.

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    Why is this in the game programming board?

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    Thanks for your reply Bubba!

    Are you saying that as far as you know there are not any programs out there that would work like the CH Products Control Manager and allow me to use multiple controlers in my sim? I don't have to go with a new device driver if I can just use some other device manager. Why would a company like CH Products make a throttle and expect that everyone would have to go and buy their stick to match? The word "unethical" comes to mind. I would think there should be some reasonable solution. Do you know where else I should look?

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