Thread: Can someone help me decipher this: typedef T (*V_FCT_PTR)(T);

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    Can someone help me decipher this: typedef T (*V_FCT_PTR)(T);

    I don't know if this should go in the game coding forum, but it is in reference to image processing/linear algebra, so maybe some of you have seen it.

    This is previously developed code that I'm taking over. The old code was compiled with an old MS VC (6, I believe). I'm using MS VC .NET

    In any case, it's a template class - the code looks a bit like this:
    template<typename T>
    class matrix3
    	typedef T (*V_FCT_PTR)(T);
    template<typename T>
    matrix3<T>& matrix3<T>::apply(matrix3<T>::V_FCT_PTR fct)  // line 202
    { ... }
    but I'm getting this compile error:
    matrix3.cpp(202): error C2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'fct'

    Shouldn't 'fct' be a pointer to a function that takes a T as an argument and returns a T? Isn't this proper syntax?

    I don't see the problem.

    Anyone else have an idea?

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    ::sigh:: answered my own question. I guess this MSVC doesn't like the scope resolution before the "V_FCT_PTR"

    I'll leave this up for reference if anyone else comes across something like it.

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    matrix3<T>::V_FCT_PTR fct

    msvc++ .net 2003 is correct here -- that won't work because you are using the matrix3<T> template. You have to use typename when refering to a type nested inside a template defintion (unless you are using a specific instantiation of that template)

    typename matrix3<T>::V_FCT_PTR fct

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    well how 'bout that. You're right. This could be the cause of some of my other headache with this project.

    Looks like I need to read up on templates.


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