Thread: i've basically stopped game programming

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    hey, i'll work on your project any day Charles we should talk about that later tonight or call or something.....i *should* be home all night tonight, so i dunno. I'll also be on from about 1:45-2:20 central time, cuz that's when programming class is

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    <Sivlercord's AIM SN> (1:32:05 PM): well im going to have 6 math classes under my belt by the time i graduate along with chemistry, physics, biology, a computer game released, and that trip to california, most people i've talked to (even from digipen) say there would be no reason to refuse me.

    I was reading some of our AIM conversations trying to find out when you went from being a n00b and turned into a good programmer and I saw this. Now I am wondering what happened to the confidence.

    Oddly enough a few days before that you told me: "<Sivlercord's AIM SN> (7:23:19 PM): i want to make a spaghetti and meatball salad out of your testicles".

    Aren't AIM logs great.
    Give me a bad reputation!!!

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    I do have all of those except for a computer game released. Those were good meatballs.

    10 mins later: that's so funny. haha

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    Could someone give me a "HOWTO about INCLUDING OUR PHOTO INTO QUAKE game" ?

    karthik bala guru

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    WHY did you post this here?
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    And WHY did you post in "CAPITALS and BOLD ITALICS"?
    Just Google It. √

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    And WHY didn't you die a horrible death already, and WHY did you bump a post from a couple months back?

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