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    Arrow Mouse Input????

    I am working on a program to create a very simple text editor in C. I was working on dynamically allocating memory for the characters to be stored so that the size of memory would expand to accomadate various sizes of text. I was thinking it would be nice to have a simple mouse interface to allow the user to click on things (like a very simple menu). I am wondering, how do I get mouse input??? I've looked at a couple of program samples and they have used dos.h to hold information that was stored in memory about the mouse. I do have the dos.h file but find that using this can cause my computer to crash if I am running in windows. I tried looking at some built in functions in windows that I could call to get mouse input but then I have the feeling that I really don't understand how things are working. I want to know how to get mouse input using C, I don't want to just call something somebody else wrote (or atleast if I am going to call it I want to understand it myself). Can anyone help me?

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    Here, look at this code. It might help you somehow to understand mous input.
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