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    Thanks for checking out our site. The screenshots link is I must have mistyped it earlier.

    The particle demo should run pretty well on most modern configurations. Perhaps, wizard, you have one of those rogue configurations that doesn't work. If you could e-mail me your complete system specs that would help us out! We'll be posting a tech-demo on the website Tuesday afternoon, after our alpha milestone. We just got animations and sound into the build today, and all things are looking great!

    I'll keep everyone posted.

    jcitron AT fatesforgiven DOT com

    -- edit -- I just spoke with our Graphics coder and he informed me that the build of the particle system that is on the website uses an nvidia OpenGL extension for point sprites. Recently it was promoted to an ARB extension, so ATI removed support for it. The particle demo will indeed run poorly on newer ATI cards. We've corrected the problem in our current build. Particles will make a fast active presence in our game!
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    where are the final project presentations being held this time?

    i always plan on going, but i either forget or i have no idea where the presentations are at.
    I came up with a cool phrase to put down here, but i forgot it...

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    It's either gonna be at the aloma cinema grill again, or at the enzian. Liam hasn't called to confirm yet. As soon as I know, I'll throw it up on here. Or maybe I'll just walk into RTP and shot "Who's '...'?" : )

    Man, alpha's tomorrow... Got some work to do

    Fernando De La Cruz
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    there's nothing better than being self taught

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    there's nothing better than being self taught
    I whole heartedly agree, except for the point that one might atleast want to take a few courses to make sure one didn't skip over anything while learning,for example, I am now using more and more pointers since I am attempting to move over to C and I learned about incrementing where a pointer is looking(silly yes I know, i should have picked this up awhile ago but was to busy learning OGL and Win32) and am finding it incredibly useful in file-type checking .

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    i've decided

    I know this is an old thread (not to mention sadly it's been ages since i've even logged into these boards), but after reading this i've decided to go to Fullsail. I've been doing some research on it. There is a lot of bad things being said about the place from what i've found using google. Not a single response to this thread has yet to say anything bad about it. Reading a "failure" story on gamedev has even gotten me a bit more excited about going there.
    Rather than start a whole new thread on the same subject, does anyone have any more to say or add about going to fullsail for a BS in Game Design and Development?

    *edit: small typo fixed *
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    I posted on here back when this thread was active, that was over a year ago while I was working on my Junior project. I graduated from the Full Sail B.S. Completion Program on December 17th. Five of the 11 people in my class now have jobs. Me and two of my teammates got hired at Papaya Studio. One of my other teammates is working at 1st Playable. One of the guys from the other team in my class is working at Raven.

    I won't say that this is a direct result of Full Sail. The five of us who got hired are incredibly skilled and motivated. I have seen a lot of people fail out or simply get to the end, graduate, and fall on their face. Full Sail won't hand you a job, you have to work for it. I sent out over thirty resumes, got 4 phone interviews, and was flown out for 2 in-person interviews. However, don't let that scare you. If you have what it takes and you give it your all, you will succeed and you will land that dream job.

    Your success at Full Sail is directly related to two things:

    1) How badly you want to succeed -- Motivation
    2) How smart (not how hard!) you work to succeed -- Skill

    Best of luck

    *edit: I want to just reinforce that I absolutely loved Full Sail and highly recommend it to anyone who has the desire to be the absolute best at what they do. It's a place where the half-assers crash-n-burn and those with passion succeed.
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    It's a place where the half-assers crash-n-burn and those with passion succeed.
    That rules me out then
    Lucky for me I'm not interested in such an intensive job like a game programmer. I'm happy being a hoppyist reading free online tutorials because I'm a cheap ass. Besides that, programming is only 50% of my life, the other 50% is music.

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    Please don't bump year old threads. If you wish to start the discussion again please start a new thread and link this thread as a reference.

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