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    action replay codes

    i wasnt sure were to put this so i chose here

    does anyone know how to find out action replay or gameshark codes for a game... i mean how to make my own codes or discover codes?

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    This should probably be on the General Discussions board.

    I used to have a Gameshark Pro for my gameboy color, and I remember that they had a cheat creation menu. The manual explained everything I needed to know. I made about 15 cheats with just the knowledge I gained from the manual.

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    I remember doing this with a friend with the Game Genie on the NES, GB and Genesis.

    We just entered random characters and when we got something that showed an effect we would manipulate that code to see if it would do anything useful.

    The GB was easy to make codes for and the Genesis was the most difficult although the NES was the biggest pain because it would reset anything you entered (which mean't you had to hand write each code you entered in order to have a copy of the code if it worked).

    Anyway, best of luck.
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