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    Wink 0-60 in...?


    Just out of morbid curiousity (and to see where I stand) long did it take you to code the first program you actually considered a game?...starting from zero coding knowledge.

    For me...well, I have yet to find out.
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    a few months...

    it was just a text-RPG, but looking back on it i am pretty impressed at all the stuff i managed to put into it without understanding some of even the most basic C++ features. it had no OO in it at all, not even structs, and it was all crammed into one .cpp file. i had about a hundred global variables, none of which were named very well, and not a single comment that i can recall other than comments to seperate groups of related functions. it was an absolute mess.

    and if you are like i was and are impatient to put graphics on the screen, dont feel bad if it takes you a while to get to that point. make sure you have a really good handle on the basics and all the higher level stuff will come much more easily.
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