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    Strategy Game Programming.

    Hi Folks,
    My name is David Mackey and I am the official webmaster for W.R. Hutsell's Wargames ( Recently I was approached by a large gaming company interested in seeing these DOS games transformed into Windows games however I need a programmer to do this. I was wondering if anyone would be interested. You can see the original games at and download them for free. They were originally written in PDS which came after QuickBasic 4.5 but before Visual Basic for DOS. The source code would be available to the programmer. Payment would be upon a commission basis.
    Anyone who is interested in this job should reply here and we can get into more private discussion concerning this matter. Examples of previous work will be necessary.
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    Well those don't look too difficult. Are you saying they are written with PDS 7.1 QuickBasic?.

    Porting them to Windows would be easy - all graphics just need to be converted to use DirectX...and well sounds as well. Also the graphic tiles would need some serious 'facelifts'.

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    Posted with Permission. No replies allowed. PM or e-mail civilwarsearch for more information.

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
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