Thread: OpenGL problems

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    OpenGL problems

    I have started programming my game in Open GL, and it compiles just fine, but it won't run. Can anyone here help me? (I use Microsoft Visual C++)

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    wow thats vague... you might as well say.. I made a program and its not working.... (Dev-C++)...

    Code samples, have you tested your code in sections to make sure all your objects or windows are being created.. does your vid card support OpenGL.... more info...

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    first get out of the front lawn, put some pants on, then turn your computer on.

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    I guess I could have worded that better. When I make a program, I hit the compile button. It compiles with 0 errors and 0 warnings. Then i hit the build button (or run, as it needs to build the program first). Then it comes up with quite a few errors in the program. Last time I tried making a little test it said I had 22 errors when I built it, and 0 when i compiled it.

    PS. Thanks for the tip, but I have lost my pants :'(

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    No, what they are saying is... SHOW US THE CODE. We cannot help you if we don't know what your code is cause the fact you have 0 compile errors means relatively zilch, as all that means you are syntactically fine, doesnt mean your code isnt buggy.

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    try running the .exe that VC++ generates when you compile (if you have it set that way)

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