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    Question Dynamic Recompilation

    I have a emulator that runs at a very slow speed even when overclocked. I have the source codes, I just need to find a way to recompile it so that the program reads the code faster and the program will preform better. Anyone know of a site I could learn this or any other ideas? Thanks

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    could you please explain more what you mean by dynamic compiling? Is it a software emulator? How are you supposed to overclock a software emulator? And do you mean that you'll compile the code using more optimizations?

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    Its a Palm OS gameboy emulator, the regular catriges run faster on the gameboy then on the emulator. The overclocking increases the mhz to the proram that I upgraded to 37. I timed it and it went a little faster.. but not much. Dynamic recomilation will help the code to be read faster when it converts it from Visual to binary, but im not sure how to do it... I was wondering if anyone else did.

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