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    Talking Snes!

    I was just wondering. What language - eh, whatever it is - were Super Nintendo games programmed in? You know, like Lufia II, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Phantasia (You might know it as Tales of Destiny). I was just wondering, and since this is about programming games, I posted it here.

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    i think 99% of them were made in asm.

    (correct me if i'm wrong)

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    Probably a mix of C and ASM.

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    I think this has been discussed several times here

    *hint* press search button

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    Well we had to write a Color Gameboy game at school and that was 100% assembly. I have heard from the instruction that SNES was very similar but not sure.
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    Weeell chaps! That would depend on yer compiler wouldn't it?!? I meen: a pc program doesn't run in c code or even asm code, its run i machine code. Same things would apply to any console, handheld or not. With the right compiler you could write code for anything, in any language you like.

    Nuf said.

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    Did you read his post? You could create a game in Java, if someone were willing to spend the long hours making a Java to SNES machine code compiler.
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