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    Post Connect4 update

    The "Post your games here" thread unfortunately doesn't let posts be edited for very long, so I am updating my game here. Plus you can give me any feedback you have.

    Same as last time - left and right arrow keys to move, Enter or down arrow to drop. Esc exits.

    Fixed several things (see the comments at the top of the code file). Added AI which is decent. Added highlighting of winning combination (helps a lot in computer vs computer games).

    Compiled with: Watcom 11.0
    On Windows : XP (should work with all)
    Graphics : Console mode (colored text. wooo!)
    Bugs : none known

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    Latest and greatest version here. I know everyone was waiting impatiently for this

    Fixed a few more potential bugs and some newly created ones. Added checking for 'splits' to the AI.
    See the comments in the code for more details.

    I really, really gotta stop tweaking the AI and do the graphics.

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