Thread: I"m selling a book...

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    I"m selling a book...

    This book was BARLY used. I tried to use it but I didn't understand c++ enough to do it. Here is sum info...

    Book Name: Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus: Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization

    Author: Andre LaMothe

    Description: This book teaches how to make a 3D engin in C and C++. It comes with a CD wich has...

    -Evaluation versions of popular game dev tools
    -Compleat sourcecode for book
    -DirectX 9.0 SDK
    -Royalty-free stock media.

    The book has these features...

    -The most advanced real-time software engine ever to be
    developed in a book
    -Takes you form pixel plotting and wireframe 3D to full 13-bit RGB z-buffered 3D Engines
    -Learn advanced optimization and coding techniques
    -Advanced topics such as 1/z buffering, mip-mapping, alpha blending, texture filtering, spatial partinoning, shadowing and lights, and more!!!

    Covers: Windows Game Programming
    Catagory: Programming
    User level: Intermedate-advanced


    Originle price $49.99

    I'm selling it for: $35.00 + shipping and tax

    please send a request to
    or AIM me at

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    Good luck.
    Amazon sells it new for 35.99
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    I own it, it's a good book, definitely worth the retail price if you're motivated. Don't try selling it for so much...if I were you, the MAX I'd even dare think of selling it is 25 for a 50 dollar used book, I don't care about the condition.

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