Thread: New OpenGL project (tCUBED)

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    New OpenGL project (tCUBED)

    Working on 3d tetris clone. Yippe.
    Thought I'd show off what I've been toiling on so far for a few days. Playing with shader idea and multitexturing innards. Not much yet, just a single block -- however I have finally finished the rendering function for the blocks to be completly customizable by the calling function (ie the hard/tedious part) moving on to game play now.

    Planned features:
    :visual themes
    - retro (current backgroun/retro colors)
    -disco (similier background with groovy disco ball spinning colors)
    -classic (fixed bg of places, colors)
    -minimalist (white bg, perhaps shadow effects, nothing too contrasting)
    ~~~more as they come
    :3D Cube for playing field
    - old school 2d field cheat code
    - old school pieces + 3d remixs
    :Powerups !
    -gravity blocks (normal blocks fall strait down, but when theres a gravity cube, it tends to move towards that direction)
    -transpasic cubes (fall through obstructions into missed open areas
    -bomb blocks (blows out entire row, or column, or both)
    -super dense blocks (un remove able blocks that fall in random places -- with a REally cool effect. They fall super fast (not limited to speed) and when they hit, all the blocks kinda bounche up a little bit before resettling)
    -filler blocks - lands and fill entire row / column or both
    -anti blocks - removes any block it touches, and disapears
    -crazy disco retro dance dance revolution and other genres, plus it will read a directory for custom music/music paks
    -cheat code for old school music rip

    EDIT:PS: Lol. Oh man. I just realized how the picture very mutch makes this thread seem like a "Hey My first textured cube" kinda deal. Rest assured, there is much more at work behind the scenes then a textured cube!
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    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    Looks cool, it'll probably be fun.

    I'll play it when it comes out

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