IM in a bit of a bind. I need to get my program workable by next wensday(not the one coming up but December 10th). NO, this is not a homework assignment, acturally its a gift as a company is giving me a free all-expense paid trip to florda so I want to give them a program to emulate a $15k machine(production cost). Anyway I had a friend make a openGL wrapper for me unfortunitly, he has taken ill. He had it all programmed but its not working right. I am just starting to learn OpenGL so Im not much help in getting it working.My first problem Im sure is something wrong with my settings or something i just don't know whats wrong. Im running Borland C Compiler Standard Edition(not the free one but the next step up) and the code was made for MSVC++. Anyways I try to compile and it says "Invalid declaration" 25 times on gl.h . Now AFAIK that is a standard file so why and I getting errors?
Now the second problem is harder. This is in the source code, Its not displaying the bitmap, its just displaying a white square(this is accoding to the kid I got it from, I haven't been able to comile it but he could) . In his debugger he could see the bit array that he was using for a bitmap and they were correct(0.255.0 ... Neon Green). It sounds like its failing in the bitmap display code but as I said I don't know OPenGL(although I am very impressed and plan on learning when I have time). I would appriecate any help you can give me.

Ray Koons

PS- The code is attached because its WAY too long to post. I also have all the functions declared in a seperate file but I can only upload one file per post.