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    square root

    I wrote this, it approaches 100% accuracy as you increase the number of iterations. 4 iterations are typically required to get an acceptable answer. it does it by calculating tangent lines and where they intersect the x axis (they get closer and closer to the number's root as you keep intersecting with the x axis). im just happy as a puffer fish that the goddam thing actually seems to work accurately with only 4 iterations.

    	-Finds the root of x^2 - r
    	-Need slope(m), need b, need curr x, need curry 
    	-FIXME: add tolerance variable? i.e answer must be within TOLERANCE from real root 
    float	IterSqrtf(float	r, int numtries)
    	float	m(0.0f);
    	float	b(0.0f);
    	float	currx=r;
    	float	curry(0.0f);
    	float	root(0.0f); //this is what gets returned 
    		curry = (currx*currx) - r; //y1
    		//Check to see if curry is < 0
    		m = 2 * currx;
    		b = (-m*currx)  + curry;
    		root = -b / m;
    		currx = root;
    //	trace << "tries: " << tries << "\n";
    	return root;
    EDIT: Mine is a lot slower than normal sqrt, but I'm glad that it at least works.
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