Thread: Dying on SDL_Flip.

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    Dying on SDL_Flip.

    It seems my SDL program dies whenever I flip pages.

    screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(800, 600, 16, 
                              SDL_SWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF);
    SDL_WM_SetCaption("Fight", NULL);
    Am I doing something wrong? I haven't drawn anything on screen yet.

    nevermind, i figured it out. it was an unrelated pointer thing.
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    Not sure about SDL - I wrote my own flip code in assembly.

    Simply retrieve a pointer from DirectX to the buffer and primary surface.

    push ds
    push esi
    push edi
    lds   esi,[SecondaryBuffer]
    les   edi,[PrimaryBuffer]
    mov ecx,[size]
    rep  movsd
    pop edi
    pop esi
    pop ds
    A faster way would be MMX except that MMX does not allow memory to memory transfers. Besides that the only faster way I know of is REP STOSQ which is only available on the Intel IA-64 Itanium CPU.
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    When not in fullscreen mode...
    you don't need SDL_DOUBLEBUFF
    you should'nt use SDL_Flip

    use SDL_UpdateRect

    *rummages for reference*

    God this book is small....

    void SDL_UpdateRect(SDL_Surface *screen, Sint32 x, Sint32 y, Sint32 w, Sint32 h);
    void SDL_UpdateRects(SDL_Surface *screen, int numrects, SDL_Rect *rects);
    Ex.1 for a 800x600 window:
    SDL_UpdateRect(screen, 0, 0, 800, 600)
    Ex.2 for a 800x600 window:
    SDL_Rect rect;
    rect.x = 0;
    rect.y = 0;
    rect.w = 800;
    rect.h = 600;
    SDL_UpdateRects(screen, 1, &rect)
    Also, i suggest using macros for screen hieght/width because they are used so often... and its alot easier to change and... yeah.
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