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    You have precisely 1024 posts. I find that amusing.

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    Lol, It's been a while since I've been here...

    Thanks for the support Metra, but I have stopped working on this game. It is possible I might pick it back up later.

    But anyway, I'm currently working on a new game, GU Fighter, which can be downloaded at my main web page:

    But yeah, work on Defense is not going to happen for a while, so this thread should probably die peacefully...
    ----[Red Haze]----

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    GU Fighter looks really cool. I can't wait till it gets past the beta stage!
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    Wow, RedHaze. Yet two more amazing games. You're a good programmer. I hope you finish GU Fighter soon as well.

    - SirCrono6
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    defense is pimp lol

    i dled it at my friends house and he can't stop playing it. It also gives me something to do when im bored in proctoring class. Can't wait to play your next game!
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    Hey RedHaze,

    Found your game this morning, and i got to tell you, its rather ironic really on my mind...
    I was thinking to myself about video game graphics and "There is not a single game with stick men in it, that isn't flash...or if there is it aint good" then i stumble upon your game, by accident..and by it good.

    On my 200MHz at home i get a solid 4FPS :\ Though its playable.. just thought theres some debug info for ya on old crappy machines

    Anyways, keep up the kick ass work, your already one of my favorite game devs.
    ~DJ DarkViper signing out
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