Hey, all.

I am looking for a good 3ds loading library that is cross-platform and will work with OpenGL and/or SDL.

Right now I am using L3DS.

L3DS loads models well, and it is highly cross-platform, however it has no support for textures. And that is not good.

I have searched for a few different ones. Here is what I have found:

I downloaded the 3ds loader from gametutorials.com. It works for SDL and OpenGL, so it is highly portable. However, the code is very confusing compared to L3DS so I have not been able to figure out how to work with it. It also does not seem as powerful by looking at it with just a quick glance.

I also found mesh3D on the internet. It looked very powerful, however, it is for MFC applications only. I want my program to be portable, so it is out of the question.

I have found a couple others that are also Windows only, and also a couple Java ones...but Java wont work since I am using C++.

Anyone know of any good ones that are portable?

Right now the one from gametutorials.com looks like the best bet, but as of yet I have been able to make little sense of it.

L3DS was much easier to understand than it. If you know of any documentation sites on the one at gametutorials.com, please tell.