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    Unhappy Flashing screen?????

    Hey all, I got a Question first off i would just like to say don't bother to post in my post. If you have something bad to say about me becuase i don't care ok. Anyway my friend stan was showing me this flashing screen program I don't exactly no that much about what the code is the only thing I know is that it flashes different colors lol uuuummmmmm....... but im trying to get the code to ad a little spice to my game.
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    Was it a console app, Windows app, Linux, etc?
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    If it's DOS for 320x200x256:

    void CLS(unsigned char far *Surface,unsigned char color)
       asm {
         les   di,[Surface] 
         mov cx,32000d
         mov ah,color
         mov al,color
         rep stosw
    If it's DX in 32-bit color:

    Get a pointer to the surface by locking it:

    #define RGB32(r,g,b)  ((r<<24)+(g<<16)+(b<<8))

    This will fill the screen with one color - flash by clearing and filling every other frame.

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