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    2d game ideas

    I cant seem to think of a game to make that would be 2d. I dont want to make a tetris but im not good at artwork to make a rpg so im kinda out of ideas. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    As long as you are not selling your game for massive amounts of profit and becoming the richest man in the world, there are SEVERAL websites that offer free sprites and tiles for RPG game graphics.
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    Don't want to make tetris? Make pong.

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    atari greats:
    space invaders
    pac man (although it sucked on atari)
    warriors <- my all time favorite
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    Worms clones are always fun to make. I'm making a turn-based strategy game right now. I should have some more info on my website once I get some more design information fleshed out.

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    I'm working on a real-time-strategy game, and I must say, it is quite the learning experience. I've already learned so much about AI and all the enemy can do at this point is build towns lol. But maybe you want to consider it.

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