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    Programming online games...

    I've been using C/C++ for a while now, and I'd like to create an online game. I've created plenty of single-player (offline) games already, and a few online ones in other languages, so don't think I'm completely new to this.

    What I'm looking for is a library/class/something that will let me use sockets and winsock, but that takes care of all of the (excessive) overhead. I want to get right into programming with sockets, and don't have the time to concentrate on learning the whole winsock API.


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    If your game is for the Win32 platform, use DirectPlay. Since DX8, this API has a very good design. It also helps you to debug your application, which is - in my opinion - the most time-consuming part of a multiplayer game implementation.

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    1) “RakNet Engine”: looks very promising, the feature list is huge. But the free version of it will only allow 90 people to connect to a server at a time, and I am not sure what this means exactly, but I should do some research on it. The freeware license to have unlimited access is $90.
    2) "HawkNL": This Engine looks pretty good too, but I am not sure how much tutorials there are to learn it. There is only the API html document, so I am not sure if it will be easy to learn.
    3) "GNE": This one looks promising too. It uses a lot of C++ features like templates, smart pointers, inheritance, and so on in its design. But the only drawback is that it needs the HawkNL library to be installed for it to work.

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    and I am not sure what this means exactly, but I should do some research on it
    Do you understand the server/client model? A computer runs a program that accepts connections from other computers (the server) and manages all the computers connected. If you go to and search in the articles for "server" you could probably find a better explanation.

    edit: 90 people on 1 server is quite a lot

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    Sorry for the confusion frenchfry164; I don't know where I got that 90 number.

    The limit WAS 31 clients, but apparently they have removed that limit now.

    Also I kind of have an idea of the Server/Client model, but I still need to learn some more. Thanks for the link I will look through as soon as I am done with my homework.

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