Thread: still not understanding matrices

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    still not understanding matrices

    im afraid i still really don't understand the implemenation or concept of matrices in opengl programs... i've looked over nehe and i just don't seem to understand it... mostly the pushing and popping confuses me. mostly i guess what im really looking for is a tutorial that explains it in more depth... i couldn't really find anything on google

    thanks in advance
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    >>i couldn't really find anything on google<<

    You're lying; I know better.

    edit: and an ASM representation is not a good way to learn matricies. Try a math book. Or Google. Or even the Denthor of Asphyxia tutorials on this site. God. People that aren't willing to read. I've spent too much time on this post already.

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    9,608 - oops we are here. Yes this has been posted before - do a search - I've searched this and yes there is a ton of info about matrices

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    >>mostly the pushing and popping confuses me

    the pushing and popping has to do with the matrix stack not matrices themselves. If thats whats giving you troubles you should look for tuts on the stack structure.

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    I'm with confuted on this one, not just b/c he is one to be feared, but b/c he is correct. This site does have good tutorials and getting a math book to learn about mathematical concepts is always a good idea. Now osmeone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't books on OpenGL and 3D Game Programming cover these topics? If so, then getting on of those (specifically OpenGL Game Programming) which which would go in depth on things you need to understand, or maybe even get a book on 3D Math, Confuted or Silvercord may be able to point you to one if oyu ask really nicely.

    I owuld try asking confuted first since Silvercord is usually out at parties with women all over him.

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    Sweet! I'm one to be feared!

    Hmmm.... I should make this useful, huh?

    The fourth link on Google appears to have some good stuff on matrix math in general.

    All the way down to the sixth link on google and I found something that looks custom-tailored to 3d stuff.

    Cruzin' around on this site for a few seconds and I find the thing I told you about before.

    Looking around some more and I stumbled across what RoD wrote or, from the looks of things, plagerized

    And I'm willing to bet you a virtual dollar that I could find more real easily. I know, because I've found it and read a ton of it. I just searched for "matrices" on Google - a more refined search would be better. Check out the math behind a matrix (multiply some by hand), then read the 3d stuff, and then come back here with specific questions and I'll be happy to help.

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    Confuted, don't let that go to your head, even GBonny (KingZoolerious) is one to be feared, but for different reasons of course.

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    Haha, I just thought it was funny.

    And of course, I need another line.

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