Thread: u got me wrong fellas

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    u got me wrong fellas

    I donot know why everyone posting a relpy misunderstood me.
    I know the basics of programming in c and c++ not the basics of game programming using c or c++.
    now if some body could tell me what should i be doing next.

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    To be quite honest sir, it is in your best interest to aquire more knowledge of C++. The basics are often not sufficient for making games. Best of luck to you in your efforts!

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    I second the above opinion. One needs a firm understanding of C++ to make games(lots of linked list knowledge, as well as advanced algorithm construction). Also it helps if you are knowledgable in math(my weakness, i learn math very quickly, i was just lazy for awhile, so its taken me say a semeter to catch up where i should be(pre-calc) at my age(16))

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    * you dont need to know about linked list to make a game.
    * you dont need to know math to make a game.
    * you dont need to know c/c++ to make a game.

    You don't need to know c/c++ to know how to program games. c/c++ is the tool you use to create it. if you do not know your tool it is hard to create a AAA game, but it is not hard to make a SIMPLE game.

    start with a simple game, in text mode, make a childs game:
    quiz game, hangman, and so on... but keep it dead simple. this game should be like max 40 lines of code or simething like that. The most important thing you do here is to write your game down on a paper (design document) and you make sure you follow it. Dont just sit down and code. know beforehand what to code.

    when you have completed that game (completed 100% of the design document) you can go on to the nect game, a little larger. Either now you build uppon the first game or make a new one. This could be a small text based adventure game: "you are standing in a room... what do you do?" with choises. Also this time, write a design document, and follow it to a 100 %. when you have completed everything in the design document, this game is also finished.

    after this make a new game, even bigger than before... and so on

    While you make these game you will gain all the game programming skills you will need and learn your tool (in this case c/c++) along the way.

    Really, what I want to say, opposed to the posters above:

    poor c/c++ skill != poor game programming skills
    although, you might not have the knowledge of your tool to make everything your gameprogramming skills want you to. but that just mean you trying to make a game to hard for your c++ skills, so make a game more simple, but dont forget to always add a challenge for your c/c++ skills for learning: "ehm maybe I will use a linked list this time instead of an array..."


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    Thank you, ninebit.

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