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    Pure C++ newb :S

    ok guys, the subject explains everything, i need some help gettin started on a game, i dont care what, tic tac toe, pong, puzzles, i want someone to either help me start making games with C++ (i know some but not much), it would be really helpful for the person to make a simple game, and then explain what each coding does and is used for, and what i can do with it, i'd love any help

    EDIT: and so anyone thinking im too lazy to read the tutorials, i read them and their boring, its better that i see an example thats fully coded and then told what it is and how i can use it

    P.S. if anyone has a msnger or filetopia then tell me and maybe we can help me out more then this post was intended
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    you can check out lightatdawns text adventure framework. It's written in c++, it's extremely easy to follow. And there are a few different versions, each adding onto the previous one.

    here's the link

    if (problem)

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