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    Looking for a book

    i'm looking for a book that would show me some basics to writing games, i'm looking for the simplist 1 so i'll understand it the most. Any suggestions on a good one, i don't have a clue what to chose and rather than going out and spending money on something uselsess i thought i should ask you people.

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    depends on what kind of game you want to make--DOS or Windows, or maybe even Linux

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    i don't have linux on my pc so that out, i'm running win 98 so either dos or windows, I want the simplest type first though so i get the idea of what to do with out being overwielmed. Also i only have borland free command line compiler. So does that help at all?

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    I recommend you download allegro (you must have djgpp too). It's the simplest way to make good games I believe. Don't know about any book about allegro though.

    You'll find djgpp and allegro on

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