Thread: What's the 'f' stand for?

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    What's the 'f' stand for? glTranslatef(); ,

    glVertex3f(); ,

    GLfloat myGLfloat = 0.0f; ,

    ...and all those other 'f' things?

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    float. or floating point number. or decimal if you want to look at it that way.
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    OpenGL functions that take more than one parameter type have several names, each name corresponds to a type.
    f : float
    i : int
    ub : unsigned byte
    d : double

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    It stands for "$$$$" in SEARCH THE $$$$ING WEB.

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    2,263 glTranslatef();


    the f in these tells you the arguments are in floating point format,

    GLfloat myGLfloat = 0.0f; ,

    the f in 0.0f, is used as kind of a simple cast to float, to quiet the conversion from float to double warning you would likely get without it, since most compilers treat float point literals as type double
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